Allocation Services

What we offer

Structural options: Temporary allocation, contract allocation, and business process outsourcing

Functional options: Full-fledged accounting, tax compliance, payroll, HR management, and compliance, and administrative support

Plug and Play model: Instant allocation of experienced accountants, human resource staff, and general administration personnel

Unplug when you are done, NO obligations, NO HR issues

Temporary Allocation
Whether you are looking for temporary manpower to cope with seasonal demand or employee shortages, you can count on us to provide only the highest quality temp professionals in the quickest time and most efficient manner.

Contract Allocation
Should you be facing increased workload or require more headcount for a major project, you can rely on us to manage and administer projects on your behalf, deploy professionals on short-term contracts and oversee the admin and logistics throughout the agreed term, giving you the freedom to focus on your core business.


Save on real estate, hardware, software, license fees, recruitment + training + supervision time, employee medical, leave benefits and government labour compliance issues. We will provide you with industry best practice SOPs for your company. We will take care of the respective business process/es while you focus on other areas of your business through a more informed lens thanks to concise and reliable reports we generate for you. 

Hybrid (Most popular)

Bespoke and integrated solution. Complementary value add to existing teams within organizations that are looking to scale and to increase the potency of any middle or back office functions. Achieved through leveraging our expertise and services. Call/Meet us to find out more! 

Payroll Administration 
Enjoy the services of our payroll team, who will take care of all HR records including CPF, workmen compensation and IR8A returns. You can also benefit from the convenience of this service if you employ contract/project employees or operate representative offices.


we currently provide our tailored services in

  • Food & Beverage

  • Retail

  • Automotive

  • Hotel/Hospitality Management 

  • Communications & Entertainment

  • Marketing & Communications

  • ​Financial & Professional Services

  • Real Estate 

  • Design & Engineering 

  • Information Technology

  • Resources & Infrastructure

  • Insurance & Reinsurance

With GAAP Human Capital, we guarantee client/employer savings of over 50% of their current costs of human resource by offering a unique model of providing an employer with industry experienced accountants with additional skill sets in payroll, human resource and business administration.


There is almost no recruitment time, no need for lengthy interviews without the guarantee of a fit, no trial and error, no extensive training and downtime, just experienced ready to go human resource talent to help you resolve your problems.


We firmly believe in growing and scaling with our clients and our scalable platform allows you to plug-in and get efficient access to the best talent with the right experience. This avoids traditional high recruiting, training and retaining costs and when you are done, just unplug without any obligation or collateral damage.

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